This website tool was developed back when the GNWT used to actually do public consultations on the budget. That doesn't happen anymore. Rather than disappear this site we're leaving it here as an archive until we eventually repurpose it.
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Let's talk budget. There are two parts to our community budget consultation, an online survey and ideas portal meant to help develop residents' priorities and ideas that you'd like to see our government take on.

OpenNWT's Budget Talk Ideas is designed to allow NWT residents to discuss priorities, ideas and suggestions for the upcoming GNWT budget. Although this website is not an official GNWT consultation, it does allow for public discussion and input to help the GNWT decide how and where to invest our money.

The Ideas portal and Budget Survey will be open until noon on May 25th. Your ideas, survey results, votes and discussions will be submitted to the GNWT and MLAS as part of the budget dialogue process. We’ll also be compiling some statistical information (number of submissions, categories of ideas, etc) to share online!

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As part of our community budget consultation effort we've designed an interactive survey based on the questions that the GNWT released for residents. Please take the survey and encourage others to do so as well.

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