This website tool was developed back when the GNWT used to actually do public consultations on the budget. That doesn't happen anymore. Rather than disappear this site we're leaving it here as an archive until we eventually repurpose it.
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Grants for companies bringing people to live in the north

Suggested by Account on May 17, 2016 - 0 Comments |
The GNWT could see a return of $6 to $12 for every $1 invested in a “relocation bonus” for companies which move new staff to the NWT in the first year, with recurring revenue of $30,000 (conservative estimate based on territorial financing formula) per year requiring no additional program investment. The GNWT could offer a subsidy of $5,000 for individuals, or $10,000 for families, to companies that bring their workers to live in the north instead of fly-in (such as the mines), and for com... Read more

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