This website tool was developed back when the GNWT used to actually do public consultations on the budget. That doesn't happen anymore. Rather than disappear this site we're leaving it here as an archive until we eventually repurpose it.
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Suggested on Apr 12, 2016 by Jon Snow

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Yellowknife needs more money for its growing tourism sector. In 2015, more than 40,000 tourists came through Yellowknife.

Traditionally, NWT Tourism has in part promoted Yellowknife in its marketing and advertising but it bond to promote the entire NWT equally. Becuase of this City of Yellowknife or a Destination Marketing Organization for the city needs to step up and promote Yellowknife. In order to do this, more money is required.

A hotel or bed tax/levy would bring in this money. A simple 2-3% increase in nightly stays in Yellowknife would generate sufficient funds to promote the city to encourage more tourism and thus bring more money to the city.

The City of Yellowknife could form a committee in charge of the money to ensure proper spending and transparency.

However, in order for the City of Yellowknife to implement this type of levy the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs needs to change its legislation to allow municipalities to implement them on a municipal level.



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